Death to the brand guidelines PDF: How to design a corporate identity collaboratively

Janis Verzemnieks

About the Talk

While branding and design are becoming more important than ever before across organizations and content is increasingly discovering new touchpoints, we still see fixed-format PDF brand guidelines rotating around. For modern branding teams, it’s obvious that existing brand book formats are not flexible enough to maintain consistency and collaboration in this fast-moving Insta stories and TikTok world.

Future is calling for everchanging brand identity systems, multisensory brand experiences, and multiple touchpoints. I call this #Brand2025 because I believe the year 2025 is when fixed-format PDF brand guidelines will become a thing of the past and modern branding teams will reshape how culturally relevant brands will be made, managed, and scaled.

Let’s dive into examples of what it could look like.

About the Speaker

Janis Verzemnieks is Co-founder & initial Product Design Lead at collaborative branding platform Corebook°, currently serving as CEO. Latest clientele: Miro, Firefox, Crocs, Glovo brand.

Corebook° startup serves a mission to ensure that by the year 2025 fixed-format PDF brand guidelines will have become a thing of the past.

Janis is also known by a surname that is difficult to pronounce; as well as a pioneer of audio branding in Latvia by creating the first sonic identity systems and founding the sound designers club LSDC.