Building Design Systems that work for your whole Organisation

Sarrah Vesselov

About the Talk

Design systems (DS) are not just for designers. A good DS provides a solid foundation for your organization, enabling product managers and engineers to make decisions without relying on constant feedback from you and your team. In turn, designers gain time to focus on exploring and solving more complex user problems.

But what happens when an expert in Design Systems enters a stage of the process where it seems like it’s all about to fall apart? Sarrah will share how she and her team pushed through to keep’s design system alive.

About the Speaker

Sarrah is a user experience design professional, speaker, and author with 15+ years of experience in design, development, and management. Since 2017, she has focused solely on leading, mentoring, and growing multi-disciplinary global remote teams in high-functioning organizations.

While managing the design team at GitLab, she helped establish the open-source design system, Pajamas. She published Building Design Systems in 2019. These days you can find her heading up the design team at Honeycomb.