Human-Centered Leadership

Wolfgang Bremer

About the Talk

Designing with the user in mind or following human centered design principles is thankfully often the norm nowadays. But what about the other humans involved in the design process? 

What about the designers themselves? Let’s talk about how human centered design should begin with the human doing the design work and how it can make design leaders become better humans themselves.

About the Speaker

Wolfgang is an award-winning design veteran with 20+ years of experience and a rare combination of design & product knowledge. He serves as Head of Design at Elli – A Brand of the Volkswagen Group.

As a design leader in multiple Fortune 500 companies and highly funded startups, Wolfgang has managed global design teams and worked on products used by tens of millions of users in 190+ countries.

Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, creative problem solving skills, and an excellent eye for detail, he drives product design & development and creates outstanding consumer & business products. In short, Wolfgang likes building products and simplifying people’s lives.